About Us

The Jiu-Jitsu Brand

Based in the heart of Southern California, “The Jiu-Jitsu Brand” is the brainchild of two dedicated Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and enthusiasts: David Dunn and Nery Junior. With a shared love for the art, culture, and community of Jiu-Jitsu, our journey began right here in the vibrant and thriving Jiu-Jitsu scene of Southern California.

Our Journey

As proud members of the Southern California Jiu-Jitsu community, we recognized the need for apparel that not only embodies the essence of Jiu-Jitsu but also reflects the dynamic, fun-loving spirit of the region. We saw an opportunity to blend our passion for street-style fashion with the rich traditions of Jiu-Jitsu, creating a brand that resonates with practitioners not just in our backyard but across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide high-quality, stylish, and comfortable apparel that not only represents the spirit of Jiu-Jitsu but also becomes an integral part of your journey, whether you’re rolling on the mats of a local Southern California academy or training anywhere else in the world.

Connecting the Community

“The Jiu-Jitsu Brand” is more than just a clothing line; it’s a platform for connection. We’re here to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie within the Jiu-Jitsu community, both locally and globally. Whether you’re a seasoned black belt, a dedicated white belt, or anywhere in between, you’re part of our family.

Join Us

We invite you to explore our collection, wear our designs with pride, and become a part of the Jiu-Jitsu Brand community. Together, we celebrate the legacy, the discipline, and the spirit of Jiu-Jitsu, all from our base in sunny Southern California.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Train hard. Roll with heart.

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